Healing Hands



Greg Satorie

Born October 18, 1960 to Czech and Scotch Irish Catholic parents in rural Nebraska. Received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the College of St Thomas in 1982, and 500 hour massage certification training from the Baltimore School of Massage in 1988-91. Practicing the art of massage in the Baltimore area since that time and in Chicago also beginning in 1997. I am also the Minister of Music at Grace United Church of Christ in South Baltimore.

I lived in Florida from 1984--88 where I was active in the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in Sarasota. I became active in the People with AIDS Coalition of Baltimore in 1991 and served 16 months as Secretary and 2 years as President of their Board of Directors. In 1995 I also served as the Vice Moderator of the Board of the MCC in Baltimore.

I worked very hard on AIDS issues, serving on the Community Advisory Board (CAB) at John's Hopkins for 4 years, Baltimore TRIALS for 2 years, the State AIDS Administration CAB and the MADAP CAB each for a year, the Ryan White Nominating Committee in 1996 and the Maryland 1115 Wavier Stearing Committee. Currently I am singing with an outreach and education group of the PWA/HIV Coalition, Positive Voices, and have made numerous appearances as an HIV educator for area schools and community groups. I testified several times in Annapolis regarding legislation that would effect the lives of PWA's and funding for AIDS care and services. I have donated my massage service to persons with HIV in retreat settings as well as certificates for massage used for fundraisers for charities.

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