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Healing Hands

Hands on healing in various forms and styles has been practiced in many cultures for thousands of years. The elders, shamen, magi or medicine men and/or women of the tribe or village would be called upon both in sickness and health to anoint with oil, lay hands on and pray. It is both a physical act and a spiritual event.

What we think of in our culture as massage is a composite of many of these cultural and spiritual healing traditions and disciplines. Massage is taught as a science with the study of the bones, muscles and connective tissue and their function and interaction. But it is also about the soul. The movement of energy or chi. The body does it's own best healing work when at rest. The deep relaxation achieved in massage facilitates this process. but by far the greatest healing action, in my experience, happens at the place where the flesh meets the soul. Where old injuries and hurts can harbor the chemical residue of memories and feelings. Beyond the physical manipulation of the tissues there is the effect of the building of a trust relationship and the love and nurture and special intimacy of the massage experience. Particularly if the relationship endures over time. And beyond that still is the manipulation of the energy and the reinforcement of healthy energy flow.

My experience has been that my personal spirituality and massage training are both important aspects of my work. I do not desire to project my belief system onto anyone, but I do affirm that I undertake this work with much help from a power greater than myself. The God of your understanding is welcome in the massage room. I work hard but even so, I'm merely an instrument.

These are the modalities I usually include in my practice:

Massage is a wonderful, intimate, enjoyable experience. Over time a deep and lasting bond of friendship can develop between the client and practitioner. It can also be very sensual and erotic. I take great care to make sure you feel welcome and accepted just as you are. Many times in our culture, especially for men, there is a connection in our minds or in our expectations that these feelings will be accompanied by sexual behavior. Our most common experiences where we have felt these feelings of nurture, intimacy and love may have included sexual expression. This is not the case with my massage practice. In theory, the holistic experience will include this aspect of your person, but does not lead to genital expression. Your sexual energy is good and very powerful, and will add to the healing process. Should you become aroused during the session, please focus on breathing deeply and recall the healing purpose for the appointment.

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